Employment Equity

Steps to compliancy

  • Appointing a company designated manager
  • Ensuring all employees are aware of the EE Act
  • Consulting with your employees
  • Conducting an analysis of your company
  • Drawing up an equity plan addressing EE issues
  • Implementing transformation strategies
  • Aligning Employment Equity with your B-BBEE strategy
  • Submitting the mandatory Employment Equity reports
  • Showing annual progress against targets and goals.

What is the fuss over an Employment Equity Plan?

An Employment Equity Plan EEP - is the backbone of any Employment Equity compliancy. No matter what else you have done, if you dont have an EE Plan - and one that complies with the requirements - then you simply dont have compliancy AT ALL!

The Department of Labour (DoL) has'nt only amended the Employment Equity Act (EE Act) earlier this year, but are also conducting EE Audits to make sure you're complying with the EE Act. One of the requirements they will be checking for is if you have to have an EE plan in place.

If you don't, you could face an initial fine of R1.5 million. But it can increase to R2.7 million depending on how many sections of the EE Act the Department of Labour (Dol) believes you have infringed.

Why you should bother to comply

Failure to comply may render your company liable to fines of up to R900 000-00 or a percentage of turnover. See here for the new penalties.

are be awarded for the Employment Equity element if you have not complied in full (which may be worth up to 25 BBBEE points), and

By submitting a report your company gains credibility, points on the BEE scorecard and better tender prospects.

How we can assist your company.

We have over ten years experience in assisting companies with their Employment Equity obligations.

We specialise in:

  • Establishing and training Equity Committees (See our Employment Equity training course here)
  • Performing the required employment equity analysis
  • Drawing up of mandatory Employment Equity Plans
  • Assistance with corrective action strategies
  • Completion of Department of Labour equity reports
  • Implementation of Equity Plans and corrective actions

We also assist you with

  • Assistance with correcting issues raised in Department of Labour Inspection Reviews
  • Aligning your Employment Equity to your B-BBEE needs
  • Aligning your Employment Equity to your Skills Development needs

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