Enterprise Development


To claim the full 15 points allocated to enterprise development contributions, contributions must:

  1. amount to 3% of your Net Profit After Tax ('NPAT'),
  2. be aimed at creating and sustaining small Black owned businesses that are or will become suppliers to you.

We manage your grant to ensure that it maximises your points by:

  • locating black owned sole proprietors and start ups and/or
  • developing new ones, and then
  • assisting the benficiaries by training and mentoring to become self-sufficient and profitable enterprises capable of offering employment opportunities to others.

Our ACCREDITED TRAINING PROGRAMMES allow us the ideal opportunity to use our programmes to transfer skills in the fields of new venture creation, entrepreneurship, ancillary health care, home based care giving, HIV work and training to new ventures that we support.

This we achieve by transferring and mentoring:

  • of technical skills and knowledge of the core business of the new venture and
  • of fundamental operational and business skills, which is then followed by
  • an incubation period of knowledge investment, mentorship and technical and financial support to the new enterprise.

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